FlickrCC by net_efekt

FlickrCC by net_efekt

The Village Entrepreneur Group (VEG) is a new residents-led initiative. Our goal is to assist the home businesses of UC Berkeley families in University Village Albany and beyond.

Want to join in? Here are just some of the ways that VEG and its members are going to make an impact:

  • Holding monthly meetings to discuss challenges: social networking, tax, health insurance, marketing and anything else that you’re struggling with as an entrepreneur.
  • Bringing in expert speakers for special Q&A sessions and seminars so that we can learn to meet those challenges together.
  • Promoting village businesses; as a member, you can contribute a guest post about your work. This site will be an open portal of interesting stories about talented, self-employed residents of University Village and other entrepreneurial UC Berkeley families.
  • Sharing resources on this site that provide valuable information for entrepreneurs in the village and around UC Berkeley.
  • Organising regular coworking ‘dates to spend time working around like-minded people

A small members’ fee will apply each semester to help pay for running costs (refreshments during meetings, for example). Members will receive a discount on all our speaker events.

VEG mission

  • Provide a social network for sole proprietors and freelancers operating out of the Village
  • Disseminate useful information about starting and owning a business, taxes, visa work requirements, etc. to those who need it.
  • Leverage joint influence of Village entrepreneurs to speak up on relevant matters of policy, budgeting and other relevant matters within the Village, and UCB.
  • Cooperate to gain access to expertise less attainable for individuals (lawyers, accountants, IRS people)
  • Have a point of coordination for meetings with relevant third parties (chamber of commerce, freelancers union, university or city officials, etc.).
  • Create awareness of in-Village commercial activity with Villagers

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