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FlickrCC image by Girlingearstudio

FlickrCC image by Girlingearstudio

University Village Albany is never empty. Yet if you work from home while your partner is on campus, you know that things can easily get lonely around here. Those quiet apartments are somehow too quiet.

Running a home business can be fun and rewarding, but it brings a lot of challenges, especially if you are new to America and unfamiliar with its bureaucracy. You might be wondering how other people in the village navigate this confusing terrain.

The Village Entrepreneur Group (VEG) is a new resident-led initiative that aims to support home businesses. With coworking opportunities and monthly roundtable discussions, we hope to help you to build connections with other entrepreneurs, and learn how to run a successful independent business in California.

We need your input. Do you want to help shape VEG’s growth? Get in touch via email or on Facebook.