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One of the things VEG likes to do, is to organize coworking popups for members and interested people. They’re generally quite simple: we post a date and time and a local café or coffee shop on our Facebook page.  When the event arrives, everyone who is interested is welcome to show up, just for an hour or for however long you want to stay.  No need for reservations, you just get yourself your drink of choice and start working and when you get hungry you order yourself some food.

Why coworking?

Because working alone, in your home office or from your kitchen table can get lonely. Because going outside and being in public spaces can be grounding. Because having colleagues is valuable, even if you only see them for a morning every week. Because it is important to have people in your life that know what it’s like to be self-employed, to freelance or to work remotely. Because having people to share your stories with is awesome. Because other people also have clients and deadlines and negotiations and we will listen.

 When and where?

That depends. We organize coworking popups based on our own needs and schedules in locations that are close to us and that welcome people that stick around for a while. We try to rotate days and times to ensure that different people are not excluded if they have fixed commitments. All our members (and you’re pretty much a member the moment you decide you’d like to be one) are welcome to organize coworking popups. Just let us know the date, time and location and we’ll post the event on our page.  Then, you just show up and hope others do too.

Want to see when we will next meet for a coworking popup? Look at our Facebook group here.


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VEG is cooperating with the Partners @ Berkeley LinkedIn group to set up a networking event for career and entrepreneurship minded trailing spouses and partners connected with UC Berkeley. If you are interested in meeting other professionals supporting their loved ones in their work or study at UC Berkeley, then you are invited to come and join us for drinks on December 12.

More information and tickets are available under the link .